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Golden Bear Challenge Patch Files

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Win95, Win98, Windows ME,
(these need the 1st. released patch only to make V.1.0.1)

Operating Systems Windows 2000, Windows XP,
(these need the 1st. released patch and the XP-patch to make V.1.0.2)

Note-1: you may not need the 1st. Released patch if your CD installed the V.1.0.1

Note-2: See "A" below on how to find what version is installed before patching anything.

Note-3: For more information and help go to the GBD Forums and check the threads that have already been posted on installing and upgrading the game as there are several.

Important information for the Original Upgrade to 1.0.1 file . . . .

I have found that it is best to just copy the gbcpatch.exe file for this into the JN6 - Golden Bear Challenge folder
and execute the file from there.

C:\Program Files\Activision\JN6-Golden Bear Challenge
(Yours may be something other than the C: Drive)

  gbcpatch.exe to V1.0.1  

Important information for the Jack6Upgrade to XP file . . . .

The Jack Nicklaus 6 Golden Bear Challenge XP Upgrade will upgrade version 1.0.1 of Jack-6 so that it is compatible with Windows XP® and Windows 2000®.
The upgrade is FREE! (Please note that this free upgrade does not include technical support.)

Note: You do not need the upgrade if you are already running 1.0.2 or 1.0.2a. Check the lower left corner of the Credits Window to find out what version you are running.

Note: After you download the (Windows XP 1.0.2 UpGrade) patch, and install it.
You will need to enter the Username and Registration Code exactly as it appears below.

Username: - GOLF

Registration Code: - DVZE-XECG-WPXL-WMSV to V1.0.2  

Installation Instructions for the WindowsXP Upgrade to 1.0.2 Patch

1. After downloading the Jack 6 XP installer double click on it.

2. A window will open up and then you click on the install button.

3. Next you must read the license agreement and click the Agree button if you agree to the terms of the license.

4. The next screen is where you tell the Jack 6 XP installer where your copy of Jack 6 is installed.

5. You can use the Browse button to locate your copy of Jack 6, usually it is located here:
C:\Program Files\Activision\JN6-Golden Bear Challenge

So you could also just copy the above and paste it into the text box next to the browse button,
(where it says C:\) Then you click OK and it will install the upgrade.

Help finding out what version you have installed,
and steps to get ready to install and upgrade.

A. - You may need both patches unless your CD was one that was produced after the 1st. patch was out. If yours is one of these you will be already running version V.1.0.1 To find out follow these steps to check your version.

Start the game, and on the start screen where all the buttons are click the "Info and Credits" button.
This will display a scrolling screen with credits, on the bottom left you will see the version number.
If yours is anything but V 1.0.1 then you NEED the 1st. patch,
If it is V.1.0.1 you don’t need the 1st. Patch.
If you are running Windows Operating System 95, 98, or ME, and your Version is not V.1.0.1 you should Download and install the 1st. released patch to update your game to the V.1.0.1

B. - To run GBC under the operating System of Windows-XP and Windows-2000 you will need to get the XP-Patch from the link above.

Follow the instructions above to get the Original - Patch installed.
Once you have the 1st. GBC Patch, (If needed as explained in A. above),
and the XP-Patch, you are ready to Re-Install GBC on your XP System, but you have to do a little house cleaning 1st.

C. - To do this correctly, follow these steps to a better installation:
1st. thing to do is uninstall the copy of GBC that you have installed if you have it already on the XP Operating System.
Once you have uninstalled the game it is best to reboot the system to make sure you have a clean boot.
Now you are ready to start installing the game under XP with the patches you have downloaded that you need.
Start the installation as normal, and when it gets to the part that ask these 2 questions, be sure to say "NO"

1. "Do you want to install Direct-X 6" (this is an older version and you don't want to install an older one).

2. "Do you want to add an Icon to your Desktop"


Note: Before installing the game and any patches, you may want to go to the Windows Microsoft Site and D/L the latest version of Direct-X and install that, just to make sure your system is up to date. Not only for this game but also for all other games and applications that you may run.

D. - Now that you have the latest Direct-X installed and also a clean install of the game, you are ready to apply any patches you may need. (Refer to "A" above)

IF you need the 1st. patch then go to the folder where you have it stored and double click it.
This will start the installation of this patch, just follow the prompts and let it do its thing.
Now your Game should say it is V.1.0.1 if it did not before.
If you had to install this patch follow steps in "A" above to check it out.

E. - Now you are ready to install the final XP-Patch in your game to update files to work under Windows-2000 or Windows-XP Operating System.

To do this, and once you have your XP-patch file, and the information they sent you in an E-mail with your password and information needed for the patch.

Go to the folder you have downloaded the XP-Patch and start the installation by double clicking on it.

Follow the instructions on screen and enter your password and info as it asks for it.

Once it is done you should be able to now play the game with no problems.


Additional Information that may help:

This is a quote from another thread on this posted by Kurtman9, on the Forums at GBD that may help you out:

I finally got this solved with some help from Hypnos.
For those who may encounter this problem, here is what worked for me:

1) Uninstall Jack (completely)

2) Reinstall the Standard version. From the CD,
copy only those files in Setup/JNGBC/Data that are not in the Jack 6 Data Folder on the hard drive
(I found when I overwrote the files, the game didn’t work right)

3) This should give you a full install

4) Then, if you have version 1.0, apply the 1.0.1 gbcpatch, (located at Activisions web page)

5) Then, install the XP JN6 upgrade


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