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Golden Bears Den Open Tours

Golden Bear Challenge PC Golf Game Tours
These are the Tours that are open for play with your, Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Challenge,
JN6 PC Golf Game.
Check them all out and if one appeals to you join all that you would like to play in.


Golden Bears Running Tours



1. Ham Hoc Tours


The Ham Hoc Tours are the oldest continuously running Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Challenge Tour.
Galen Tour President - (click the banner above to visit the Ham Hoc Site)

The Ham Hoc Tours are the oldest running Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear Challenge Tours,
and it's players are affectionately called, "Hamster's"
Honors is played every month, Scratch and Handicapped divisions, off-line and on-line flights.
Best Ball and the Single Elimination Tournaments are played about four times per year.
Best Ball is a Scratch Tournament while the SET is a handicapped event.
Finally, we have a FUN! Par-3 Tournament played a couple times per year as well.

2. The World Tour


Anyone is welcome to join this tour. We have relaxed qualifications a bit.
We have also combined the Nationwide and World Tour to make just one tour.
Galen Tour President - (click the banner above to visit the World Tour Site)

We are working on a handicap system that may or may not be installed during the season.
We will also likely have a new link to our page in the near future.
I will keep everyone posted regarding any changes.
Good golfing to everyone.

3. Global Golf Guide and Challenge


The Global Golf Guide and Challenge, is not a functionally Tour that has weekly or monthly tours.
Tour President: Tim Kirk - (click the banner above to go to the Global Golf area on the Forums)

The Administrator of the area, has listed all the courses, and you choose which course you want to play.
Then submit your score to him and he posts the results, then all can play the course to try to better your score. They also run a Reviews Area in  that area where they do Reviews of Courses and Posts reviews of the  course there for all to read and get some in-site of courses before  playing, and good input to the designers as to their design.
Check out the area and play your favorite course and get your score added to the
Global Golf Guide & Challenge Totals!

Check with Kirt through the Area or by email or posting for any questions and or help on how you can join the FUN!

NOTE: Not all tours are just signed up for as you may need to qualify to become a member.
But they all have some of the nicest and friendliest fellow  players.





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