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The Global Golf Guide and Challenge, is not a functionally Tour that  has weekly or monthly tours to compete in. Tim Kirk, the Administrator of the area, has listed all  the courses and you choose which course you want to play. Then submit your score to him and he posts the results, then all can play the course to try to better your score. Tim also  runs a Reviews Area in that area where he does a Reviews of Courses  and Posts his review of the course there for all to read and get some  incite of courses before playing, and good input to the designers as to  their design. Check out the area and play your favorite course and get  the score added to the Global Golf Guide and Challenge Totals! Check with Tim through the Area or by email or posting for any questions and or help on how you can join the FUN!




The six courses listed below are the stock course designs that I worked on with Scott Chesney for Jack Nicklaus 6, It was both an honor and a privilege to work with Scott. He is great to collaborate with and always makes projects like these enjoyable. Even  with the constant deadlines. For each course, there was a "foreman" which oversaw the details such as the main art development and  basically directed the project.

      Shoal Creek - I was the foreman  Sherwood - Scott was the foreman Muirfield  Village -  Scott was foreman  Cochise at Desert Mountain - Scott was foreman  Nicklaus  North - I was foreman  Montecastillo - I was foreman




The golf courses you'll find on this web site were designed with Jack Nicklaus 6 Golden Bear Challenge. I started designing these before I ever stepped foot on a real golf course forty years ago. It's been a wonderful hobby I've enjoyed most of my life and through this have met some fantastic people. The  Courses Link will direct you to my designs with a brief description  and a few snapshots. Each course has a small slide-show with the click of the mouse and it also has a link to download the course if you  choose.




No name is more synonymous with greatness in the sport of golf than the  name Jack Nicklaus, and no single person has changed the face of the sport more than Jack Nicklaus the player, the designer, the philanthropist, and the good-will ambassador. Jack, 74, was named Golfer of the Century or Golfer of the Millennium by almost every major golf publication in the world. He was also named Individual Male Athlete of the Century by Sports Illustrated,  and one of the 10 Greatest Athletes of the Century by ESPN.




Find Golf Courses, Tee Times, Golf Travel, Tips & Lessons, Golf Gear & Reviews.




The latest up to date Golf News site for all your golfing news and information web site.




Book tee times 24/7 with GolfNow.com and start earning  free golf rewards today! With over 100,000 tee times at over 5,000  quality courses and resorts across the US, Canada, Bermuda, Mexico,  Ireland and Scotland. Booking a tee time has never been easier!




Everything PGA.




The Ladies Pro Golf Tours.




The European Tours coverage and information site to them all.




The Asian Tours and information web site for them.




One of the PGA players sites.




A roaring fire, a pint of Guinness, the warmest of welcomes. The golf tour of your imagination, to Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. From Ballybunion to Ballyliffin, from St. Andrews to St. Enodoc, and all  those in between. Welcome to Hidden Links!







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