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Snuffy’s Released Courses


Snuffy’s Released Courses




American Tuff-A-Nuff Veterans Glenn FANTASY DESIGN 1998
This is my first attempt at using the Course Designer for Golden Bear Challenge.
And is dedicated to all fallen warriors and fellow veterans


Cypress Island - Original Course FANTASY DESIGN 1999
My second attempt at designing a course, I would later release a second version in 2011. And that was a full re-work of the course and I released a new Day and a Night version at that time.


Smitty's Indiana Flats Dedication Course FANTASY DESIGN 1999
This is a Dedication design to my Father, 'Smitty', who  played golf all through his school years and held a few Michigan State  High School records, where he went to school, records for a time. But do to health problems later had to give up his love for the game.


NightOwl Recreational Golf - Original Night Version FANTASY DESIGN 2000
This is my attempt to design a Golf Course that is played at Night Time and was a fun designing experience to get the light posts  along the fairways reflect the light from them to show on the ground  like being out on the course after dark.


Tacoma Country Club FANTASY DESIGN 2000
This design was just something I started designing not  knowing where it would be located or the name of it, But as I got into  about the 4th or 5th hole it just fell into a local design.


The Narrows Golf Club - Galloping Gertie Course FANTASY DESIGN 2000
I really started this design before I finished and released  the TCC course. It is located a little closer to the Waters of the Puget Sound and within view of Galloping Gertie, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.


Kronemans Ridge Golf & CC, a Dedication Course FANTASY DESIGN 2003
This is my dedication design to John Kroneman, who was my  second wife's father. John lived a full life and at the age of 86, 2 years before he passed, he was still riding the range in Omac Washington on horse back rounding up cattle and hunting.


NightOwl Recreational Golf - Updated Day Version FANTASY DESIGN 2004
This is the update of this course 4 years later after the  first release. Two of the biggest changes were the new Horizon that  reflected the Seattle Space Needle and playing in daylight instead of at night. As for the course and hole layout nothing was changed.


SunnyBeach a Private Resort & GC Island - Day FANTASY DESIGN 2009
I love the views you can get when designing an Island Course and not having a horizon, as I also designed a horizon that is totally  blank and all 21 panels you need for a horizon set are just pink pallets and I have released that set and the night versions with stars and the  moon for others to use.


SunnyBeach a Private Resort & GC Island - Night FANTASY DESIGN 2009
This night version of this course was a fast and quick design as the only change I made to this design was adding the night horizon with stars and the moon and removing the airplane that visitors arrive to the Island Course in along with some lamp posts lighting  effects you won't noticed in the day version of the course.


Eel River Country Club FANTASY DESIGN 2010
The Eel River is where I grew up along and spent most of my younger years fishing and camping on the banks of the river. I always wore what we called Bibber Overalls and why my dad originally gave me the nick name of Snuffy, who was a comic strip character of  L’l Abner and Snuffy Smith, some of you may remember the strip.


Hoosier Woodlands Golf Course FANTASY DESIGN 2010
After designing the Eel River Course I started designing again and later named this one and decided to make it a wooded course in the almost flat lands of Indiana and this is what I ended up with. As a Hoosier Hillbilly myself I totally enjoyed designing this one.


Indiana Dunes - Fall Version FANTASY DESIGN 2010
This course was designed as if it were located in the real  location of the Indiana Dunes but does not reflect on a real course just the location that I chose to build this fantasy course on. I designed  this first version with Fall Trees and Shrubs to reflect the beautiful  colors of the fall time in northern Indiana during the fall of the year.


Indiana Dunes - Summer Version FANTASY DESIGN 2010
This the second design of the Indiana Dunes mostly the only change was changing the trees and shrubs to a full bloom of the hot sunny days of the summer in the Mid-West. I hope I captured that time in this design.


A Grassy Knoll Golf Course FANTASY DESIGN 2010
This design was started with no name or location in mind  when they had a documentary on TV just after I started it on the  assassination of JFK, and the mention of the Grassy Knoll in that  documentary gave me the idea to use as the name of this design.



Cypress Island Day a Remake of the Original of 1999 FANTASY DESIGN 2011
This the second release of this course was 12 years after  the first release. The holes were all still in the same location mostly  and some of the elevations and bunkers were moved around. Objects and  trees and shrubs were changed, as the course went through a hurricane  and had to be totally re-worked and cleaned up at this time


Cypress Island Night Course FANTASY DESIGN 2011
I decided to release a Night Version of this course, a total update of the course as this makes the third version of the course. I don't plan on re-visiting this course in the designer as I think I have milked all I can out of the Cypress Island Design.


Port Royal - Home of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf  2009-2012 - A REAL DESIGN
This my third attempt and really releasing a REAL Course  design and was a big learning curve for me and totally an enjoyable experience. This was my first time of using the tool of the
Ghost-It  program. I am sure it would not have worked out as close as it did without the tool. The course is located on the Island of Bermuda, designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. in 1970, and Reopened in 2009 after extensive renovations by Roger Rulewhich.


The 7 Cedars at Dungeness Golf Course REAL DESIGN 2014
My second release of a REAL Course Design. I used the Ghost-It Tool on this and don't think I would attempt a real design without it. The course is a Public Casino Resort. With an 18 hole course located in Sequim Washington, on the majestic Straight of Juan de Fuca. The course is also known as the Seven Cedars of Dungeness, with ties to the local American Indian Tribes in the beautiful surrounding areas.





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